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Setting Value

Setting Hook Value
Active Profile activeProfile bar-associations.ini
The record ID of the currently active profile. See Jobs page.
Bing Phone Max Delay bing_phone_max_delay
Maximum delay for Bing phone scraper.
Bing Phone Min Delay bing_phone_min_delay
Minimum delay for Bing phone scraper
Force Scrape force_scrape
When set to 1, the status scraper will scrape all sites whether previously visited or not. Set to 0, it will only scrape when needed.
Google Address Max Delay google_address_max_delay
Maximum delay for Google address scraper.
Google Address Min Delay google_address_min_delay
Minimum delay for Google address scraper
Google Count googlecount
How many google returns per search
Melissa Data IPs md_ipaddresses
A CSV list of IP addresses Melissa Data is permitted to scrape
Melissa Data Threshold md_threshold
Set the minimum score Melissa Data is permitted to scrape
Status Black Checks status_black_checks
A pipe-delimited list of negative pattern matches for the stores status scraper
Status White Checks status_white_checks
A pipe-delimited list of positive pattern matches for the stores status scraper